Ecuadorian Authorities Detained a Teacher, Suspected in Abusing 84 Children

In Ecuador, the authorities made a decision to detain a reported teacher whom they suspected abusing at least 84 young kids sexually. A prosecutor revealed the arrest of the teacher last Wednesday to file the necessary charges.

According from the news reported by the AFP, the authorities decided to detain a teacher in Ecuador after learning about a possible suspicion that the involved person is abusing almost 84 young children, as detailed by Mariana Huilcapi who is the prosecutor handling the case.

Based on the statement of Huilcapi, the detained teacher is from Quito and the investigation shows that the sexual abuse started back in July. The prosecutor described the case as “alleged sexual offenses in the field of education,” as quoted by the reported news.

Prosecutor Mariana stated that, “Preliminary information was reported on 10 alleged cases of sexual abuse. However, as a result of the investigation, it was possible to determine 84 minors were allegedly involved.”

From the recorded age bracket of the children, they are from 12-14 years old.

The office of the prosecutor likewise detained three teachers who are suspiciously involved in child abuse. These detailed teachers are from southern port of Guayaquil and teaching from a school here. They will have to face the consequences as with the recent detained teacher with the same lawsuit.

The AFP news report added that the Ecuadorian authorities have ongoing investigations of dozens of child abuse cases in Guayaquil. To speed up the capture of another suspected teacher with the similar case, there is already a reward amounting to $10,000 for this person.

From the statement of Prosecutor Huilcapi, the sexual abuse happened during the breaks of the children inside the bathrooms of the school, as detailed by the 7-8 years old students during their interview.

The teachers utilized “deception, threats and intimidation,” the statement added.

In line with this issue, the President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno immediately instructed the authorities to take the necessary actions to prevent such crime that usually involved young children.

He posted through his social media account on Twitter saying that they will never permit any exemption from these particular criminal liabilities.

The Ecuadorian leader is also getting the opinion of his people if they want to delete the statute of limitations in terms of sexual abuse crimes affecting the children through his recent national referendum.

These limitations are currently part of the existing constitution.


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