English Language Requirements in Australia Tightens for Overseas Students

The government of Australian just recently made an important announcement about its plan to tighten the requirement for English language when accepting students from our nations.

Australia is serious about improving its standards for its international education market amounting to $28 billion Australian dollars.

From the latest report of Agence France-Press (AFP), the Australian government revealed its latest plan about the requirements for English language when accepting students from other countries. According to the recent announcement last Thursday, Australia will tighten the requirements in an effort to improve its current standards for worldwide education market without the country.

Based on the recorded data at present, it has over 550,000 overseas students.

The government of Australia stated that before they accept students from other nations, they must pass an intensive English course. This prepared course is important if these students do not have other that prove their capacity to learn English language.

In addition to that, interesting foreign students need to pass the latest official examination of their language skills. This is a necessary step before they will allow them to find vocational courses or universities to make sure that they meet the requirement, as stated by Simon Birmingham.

“The vast majority of language courses are providing high quality outcomes… but some slip through the cracks and it’s unacceptable for that to occur,” said Birmingham when interviewed by the reporters as quoted online.

The national education regulator will enforce the examination details.

According to Birmingham, this new guidelines in Australia will not affect the numbers of foreign students who want to study here. Instead, it improves the education system of the country and can even attract potential students from the different parts of the world.

Simon Birmingham is the current Australia’s Education Minister.

Majority of the students from overseas are taking up pre-studies language courses and mostly are coming from China, Brazil and Colombia.

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