QAA Urges Universities in UK to Ban Essay-Mill Websites, Students Cheating

In the recent news reports online, they are now urging the different universities in the United Kingdom about blocking or banning the websites of essay-mill due to cheating or plagiarism.

Many students are spending to purchase their essays using the Internet and use them like their own work, but not.

According to the report of The Guardian, the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) wants the universities in the United Kingdom to block or ban the websites of essay-mill. Based on the recommendation, it appeared that these online sites are selling essays to many students and then using them as their own work to submit in their respective schools.

QAA believe that students spend hundreds of pounds to get a pre-written essay.

The agency likewise is recommending the university institutions to focus on helping their troubled students and make use of improved methods in assessing them properly to avoid cheating in the form of buying paid to order documents.

QAA also stated that it is important to block the websites of essay-mill and use better software that can verify the capacity of the students and not simply depending on the offered essays.

Jo Johnson is aware of this increasing problem and so QAA made a proposal.

“This form of cheating is unacceptable and pernicious. It not only undermines standards in our world-class universities, but devalues the hard-earned qualifications of those who don’t cheat … That is why I asked the Quality Assurance Agency to look at this issue and introduce new guidance for students and providers,” stated by Johnson as quoted by The Guardian.

Jo Johnson is the current universities minister.

In line with this, Douglas Blackstock stated that, “Paying someone else to write essays is wrong and could damage their career. Education providers should take appropriate action to tackle and prevent this kind of abuse.”

Blackstock is the current QAA’s chief executive.

Based on the conducted research of the agency, about 100 websites are operating online for essay-mill. The spending of the students will depend on the deadline and difficulty of the needed essay.

As for those who need dissertation for PhD, they may spend almost 6,750 pounds.

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