Senate President of the Philippines Want Schools to Tighten Fraternity Rules

The Senate President of the Philippines is now urging the schools in the country to make an action to tighten their guidelines or rules when it comes to their existing fraternity groups. Senator Aquilino Pimentel III revealed his statement on Wednesday so that the schools will begin evaluating and monitoring the frat groups.

The Senate President wants to make sure that school institution the Philippines with existing fraternity groups must follow his recommendation to prevent any untoward incident like what happened to the UST law student few days ago who died in a brutal hazing.

According to Pimentel as published on the news online, both universities and colleges in the country need to implement “vise-like” regulations to assure that death incident during the welcome or initiation rites will not manifest just like the latest 22-year-old law student victim, Horacio “Atio” Castillo III.

“It’s been more than twenty years since the Anti-Hazing Law was enacted in 1995, but the recent death of UST law student Horacio Castillo III shows us that the law itself has failed to fully deter frat members from committing acts of physical violence against neophytes,” described by Pimentel as quoted by

He added that it is very important for all the schools to investigate all those fraternity as well as sorority groups that do not adhere to the rules and to the imposed law of the government. He also said that these groups must not disregard the existing Republic Act 8094 or known as the Anti-Hazing Law in the Philippines.

From the statement of the Senate President also, he is urging the schools to have at least a pair of representatives who are going to observe during the initiation rites. He believes that this is one effective way in preventing any violence or death.

“University and college officials should recognize fraternities and similar organizations so they can be subject to regulation. They should then be extremely strict about requiring fraternities to submit a list of their officers and members, as well as their activities for the semester or school year,” Pimentel said.

The senate is currently reviewing the RA 8047 and possible amending the law.

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