PRC Manila Receives Bomb Threat, MPD Declares Call Hoax

The Manila office of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) received a phone call about bomb threat on Friday and the police authority said it is a hoax.

According from the news reports, somebody contacted the phone number of the office and the security guard answered the caller who said that there will be an explosion inside the building of PRC in Sampaloc. They immediately search for the bomb and they did not discover anything inside the building premises.

From the statement of Superintendent Aquino Olivar, the declared the building cleared around 2pm after almost 2 hours of searching conduction by the Manila Police District (MPD) explosive and ordinance division.

“Actually ‘yung bomb threat chismis lang daw sabi nung security guard ng Eastwest Bank na malapit. Narinig lang n’ya tapos sinabi n’ya sa security guard ng PRC, na imbis na sabihin magreport, sinabi lang n’ya sa mga empleyado ng PRC na nag-cause ng alarm,” said Olivar as quoted by the

The Superintendent likewise PRC chairperson Teofilo Pilando Jr. reported about the hoax bomb threat when he called the MPD after learning about the information from the security guard who talked to an unknown person over the phone around 11am.

Olivar is the current Sampaloc Police Chief.

The employees inside the building needed to leave the entire place to secure themselves and allow the bomb experts to conduct their search operation, the news report added.

From the shared information also, the resumption of the regular work at the PRC office will be on May 15, 2017.


Credit image: Twitter


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