PRC Reminds Professionals to Transact with Authorized Services Only

On Tuesday, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) made an important announcement to the public. The commission wants to remind all professionals to renew their Identification Cards or IDs only at their designated offices as well as physical service centers, which they can determine through visiting the PRC online services. They simply need to access the official website to read the guidelines and instructions.

According to the commission, there are suspicious groups who offer bogus transactions to renew Professional Identification Cards, but they have no accreditation from them. To make sure the transaction is legitimate, it is advisable to transact with the accredited service centers as instructed by the PRC. It is as well very important to avoid giving personal information to anyone who has no legitimate connection with the commission, as detailed on the shared information online.

Professionals ought to be cautious these days because there are countless of identity thieves out there. They steal personal data and use them for unlawful purposes without the permission of the real owner.


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