Donald Trump Prioritizes American Students, Affects Indian Students

Because of the latest assurance of US President Donald Trump that it will control the releasing of work visas of foreign workers because they seriously affect the salaries of many Americans. On this, many aspiring foreign graduates are now beginning to think about the futures if they can still work in the United States or not.

One of the aspiring students who want to pursue his studies in America is Rahul Kolli.

According from the reported news by, Kolli is preparing to continue his Data Science Master’s degree in the US by studying at the Michigan Technological University. For him, he is excited to avail a student loan amount to $42,000 if given an opportunity. Unfortunately, the latest announcement of US President Trump to limit the work visas for foreign students will mean reducing the chances of aspiring students to pursue their careers in America.

Trump is focusing on giving more Americans the opportunity to improve their salaries.

Because of this Kolli is changing his mind to study in University of Dublin in Ireland because he can save almost 50% spending and can work after completing his degree. This is the same situation for Rohit Madhav who believes that this latest issue affects the Ethnicity of India in the United States.

The 27-yer-old Madhav likewise said that his parents are instructing him to consider other options such as in New Zealand or Canada.

This kind concern is beginning to bother other Indian students who desire to apply for student loans in various universities in America. The actually love the US because there are many companies that offer great opportunities after they graduate.

On the other hand, Trump’s latest assurance to reform the existing H-1B foreign worker visa program triggered doubts if those graduate students can still apply for jobs.

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