CSEC Testing Centers to Undergo Enhanced Security Procedures

From the latest news about the enhanced security policies at the Clinical Skills Evaluation Collaboration (CSEC), it becomes effective on April 4, 2017 in all designated testing centers. They need specific policies to inspect or check different electronic gadgets and other items.

According from the shared information online through the website of United States Medical Licensing Examination, the enhanced security procedures begin to conduct thorough inspections in all designed test centers to check potential electronic gadgets as well as other important items.

The Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS) examination of the USMLE includes testing centers in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago as well as Houston.  This coming April 4, 2017, the administrators of the CSEC will start inspecting accessories, jewelry items and eyewear as part of their overall inspection.

The organization wants to assure a fair administered examination.

Based on the revealed guidelines, all of the examinees undergo visual checking by removing their eyewear or eyeglasses and inspected by the administrators. The actual inspection is however immediate during the check-in procedure before the exam.

They will also prohibit wearing of jewelry items, but with exception for those who wear engagement and wedding rings. The assigned inspectors will also check the hair accessories of the examinees and must leave the items to the lockers if required by the administrators or inspectors, the news added.

This is a very important announcement from the USMLE and must not be disregarded.


Credit image: uclan.ac.uk

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