2017 ALS Passing Rate Lower to 60% from 75% after DepEd Decision

After the “all time low” results of the Alternative Learning System (ALS), the Department of Education (DepEd) made a decision to lower the passing rate or score of the examinees.

The announcement came last Tuesday to cope with the revealed poor results.

According from the reported news through cnnphilippines.com, the Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines headed by its secretary Leonor Briones had decided to lower the passing rate or score for those who are taking the Alternative Learning System (ALS).

The department saw an “all time low” results and so it now reduced the current 75% passing to 60%, based on the November 2017 Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E).

Secretary Briones revealed such decision is out of fairness to the examinees.

“This is to align the present test with previous standards, as well as to mitigate the unfairness to the examinees brought about by the circumstances mentioned,” stated by Briones and revealed that that the 60% score will be applicable to the examinations scheduled this March 2018.

From the explanation of the good education secretary, she said that the recent exam last November 2017 contained difficult level that the previous examinations.

On the other hand, the exams this year might be more complex because of converting the Filipino questionnaires to English and so they still need to evaluate the questions by coordinating with those who implement the changes from ALS.

According to the published news also, ALS had almost 586,693 enrollees in 2015 and increased to 691,461 in 2016. The department is expecting more enrollees as the program continues to expand nationwide.


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UK Department of Education Reveals New Programs, Include Child Literacy Improvement

In an effort to improve the education of the children in England, the Department of Education in the country revealed their latest programs known as the English hubs and Phonics road shows.

These are the newest plans of the education agency in improving child literacy.

From the latest news report through The Guardian, Justine Greening revealed the upcoming programs of the Department of Education in UK to improve the literacy of the young students here by offering them the newest English hubs and Phonics road shows.

As stated by Greening, the new programs assure every child the best teaching in literacy. The education agency revealed that the government possible allocation of an amount of £7.7 million for the development of resources for high quality teaching, while another £5.7 million in boosting the literacy as well as numeric skills of students from almost 469 school institutions across the United Kingdom.

Justine Greening is the current Education Secretary of the country.

According from the news, the education department plans to establish at least 35 English hubs under the Centre of Excellence for Literacy Teaching. The intention of this teaching is to improve the standards of the involved schools and a program also in developing the language skills of the children at home, specifically those who are living in the northern part of England.

The country aims to unlock the skill and potential of many youngsters in UK.

“School standards are rising, with 1.9 million more children being taught in good or outstanding schools than in 2010,” Greening said as quoted by The Guardian.

“Our ambition is that no community will be left behind on education. Today’s literacy investment will help make sure that not just most but every child arrives at school with the vocabulary levels they need to learn. And our investment will mean that once they are at school every child will get the best literacy teaching,” she added.

However, author and former children’s laureate Michael Rosen believed that such program has an intention to conceal the plan of the government to reduce the funding for education. Same thing with the opinion of Alan Gibbons, he believed that the decision of the department has something to do with reduction of library funding nationwide.

Alan Gibbons is the author of The Children.

In respond to such criticisms, Angela Rayner who is the active shadow education secretary stated that these upcoming programs will be helpful in reversing the damage from various school institutions and so the government is making an effort to do everything for the benefit of the children.


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