K-12 Law Raises Concerns in US, Department of Education Evaluates Issue

With the planned implementation of the K-12 law in the United States in the future, many states had drafted their educational plans for their valued students who will be part of this project.

However, it appears that the states are having trouble in committing to adhere to the imposed K-12 law and so the Department of Education is cautiously checking their issues or concerns, as detailed through usnews.com. According to the published information also, there are people who have doubts on the capability of the education department of the US in terms of imposing the new law and in assuring quality education in the country.

As stated on the reported news online, the states will have the opportunity to expand their accountability systems through the guidance of the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA). On the other hand, these systems need the approval of the Department of Education before they can impose them in the coming years and must assure that the students will benefit in the end.

The main issue now is about the capacity of Betsy DeVos in handing and reviewing each submitted plan because the procedure is a bit confusing.

In line with this, the Republicans seem to be unhappy with the feedback of the department because it aims to provide flexibility to the different states in devising the plans they create for education needs.

As for the Democrats, they also find the feedback somehow disappointing because it should not disregard the education regulations that former US President Obama had plan for the American students.

“Secretary DeVos and her department are blatantly violating the current K-12 law we updated two years ago – they won’t follow the very statutory language this committee settled on,” said Senator Patty Murray.

Murray is one of the top Democrats and part of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.


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US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Reveals New FAFSA Mobile App, Will Benefit College Students

Students who are taking college already will get the opportunity to complete as well as file their applications for federal aid using their mobile phones soon.

There will be an available mobile app, which they can use for processing.

From the latest published news report online through edscoop.com, Betsy DeVos revealed that the upcoming mobile app would enable college students to process their applications for the federal aid by just using their mobile phone devices already.

DeVos is the current United States Education Secretary and stated that the new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) mobile app provides the students with great ease to complete the process of their applications, while enjoying a modern and simplified processing.

The good secretary likewise said a college student only need to tap a mobile phone and make few swipes to complete the filing and submission of the application through the latest FAFSA mobile app.

DeVos address this great news in front of the audience (financial aid experts) when she attended the Federal Student Aid Training Conference held in Orlando, Florida.

“Why can’t it be that way for students?” DeVos said during the conference last Tuesday as quoted by the news online. “The answer is, it can,” she added.

“Think of the FAFSA: there is no reason completing it can’t be simpler and more consumer-friendly. Unfortunately, it’s anything but,” said the Education Secretary while talking to the attendees in Orlando. “How do you think this looks to an 18 year old? And does this even remotely look like it belongs in the 21st century?”

There had been issues about the strenuous and lengthy procedure when applying for a federal student aid. With the latest developed mobile app, it will definitely eliminate the stress of many students and parents.

According from the reported news also, there had been changes in the operations of the Education Department to improve its functions and assuring quality services.