Students in Myanmar Expelled after Protesting for Added Education Fund

In Myanmar, a university here made a decision to expel at least 14 students following the issue about protesting against the school because of not funding the education properly.

The protest somehow triggered concern about eroding freedom in democracy.

From the latest shared news information online through AFP, the Yadanabon University in Mandalay needed to break the protest of nearly 100 students here with the help of the police authorities last Thursday. It took the students 4 days to protest against the campus.

According to an activist, the rally of the students is about the issue of the university in failing to provide added fund for the education purpose and this caused the decision of the school to expel at least 14 students.

Since Aung San Suu Kyi took over the administration in 2016, this is the first ever protest of the student in Yadanabon University.

The students in Myanmar are among the primary drivers of activism against the politics here and were able to break the former military regime in the country. The people here believed that the administration of Suu Kyi will give them the right direction to a better freedom, but they expectation did not manifest.

As detailed on the news, his administration triggered arrest of media personnel and onset of deformation cases. Furthermore, the administration became strict in terms of providing censorship in arts and now the people are beginning to think about the vanishing freedom, after the police arrested the 14 students who took part of the protest.

The arrested students joined the rally to for more funds in education.

“We… were given a letter saying that we were expelled for breaking regulations,” said the 22-year-old Kyaw Thiha Ye Kyaw, who is a law student at the Yadanabon University when interviewed by the AFP.

“Our demands are not for us… but for all students and all educational staff around Myanmar,” added by the student.

In line with this, Zaw Myint Maung did not comment about the arrest and said that they are just following the imposed law. Same thing with the other officials, no one is available to give a statement or comment about the case.

Maung is the current chief minister of Mandalay in Myanmar.


Credit image: Eleven Myanmar