Microbiologists to Pass Board Exam, New Senate Bill Authored by Senator Miguel Zubiri

In another interesting decision from the Senate of the Philippines, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri filed a new bill that required the microbiologists in the country.

The bill is going to require all microbiologists to pass the board examination before they can work in their field of profession, just like the other professionals.

According to the shared news report online through Philippine Daily Inquirer, Senator Juan Miguel Zuburi had passed a new bill and it is interesting to learn that if the Senate finalizes it, this means all aspiring microbiologists would need to take the board examination before working as professionals.

As stated by the Senator who authored the new bill, the field of microbiology needs to undergo important practice and all applicants need to have special skills if they want to prove themselves eligible for this kind of occupation.

Based on the information included on the filled bill (Senate Bill No. 163), microorganisms play important factor in the modern day biotechnology foundation. This means that it is important for the microbiologists to learn about the potential relation of the microorganisms in terms of issues like food poisoning and spoilage, typhoid fever, HIV and cholera, among others.

The Senator believe that although microbiology practice in the country has been in existence for over five decades now, the kind of teaching about it is somehow different. This is the reason why it is necessary for microbiologists to learn about the various facilities, training, resources and curriculums they use these days.

If the bill gets the approval of the final reading from the Senate Committees on Civil Service, Science and Technology and finance, it will mean creating a new Board of Microbiology under the PRC in administering the board exam.

On the other hand, the new bill is giving an exemption to professionals like medical technologists, medicine doctors and veterinarians.


PRC Reveals Schedule and Venue for Initial Registration of New Passers

From the latest shared news information online, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) recently announced that the Initial Registration processing of all the successful board exam passers would be using the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City as the authorized venue.

The beginning of the registration is on January 15, 2018 and it is important for the passers to visit the official website of the commission www.prc.gov.ph for their appointment online. They need to secure an appointment first before going to the PICC on the scheduled dates.

As detailed by the PRC, the requirements are as follow:

  1. Duly accomplished – Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal
  2. 2 pieces passport-sized photos (white background with name tag)
  3. Notice of admission (only for identification purpose)
  4. 2 sets of documentary stamps
  5. 1 short envelop (brown)

The commission said that the successful passers or examiners must register and sign up in person for the Roster of Registered Professionals as part of the initial procedure. For those who fail to get an online appointment before January 15 at the Central Office (PRC Main), they will not be part of the Initial Registration.

As for those passers who already obtained their appointment before, they need to be ready on the exact date and visit the venue on time.


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UK Department of Education Reveals New Programs, Include Child Literacy Improvement

In an effort to improve the education of the children in England, the Department of Education in the country revealed their latest programs known as the English hubs and Phonics road shows.

These are the newest plans of the education agency in improving child literacy.

From the latest news report through The Guardian, Justine Greening revealed the upcoming programs of the Department of Education in UK to improve the literacy of the young students here by offering them the newest English hubs and Phonics road shows.

As stated by Greening, the new programs assure every child the best teaching in literacy. The education agency revealed that the government possible allocation of an amount of £7.7 million for the development of resources for high quality teaching, while another £5.7 million in boosting the literacy as well as numeric skills of students from almost 469 school institutions across the United Kingdom.

Justine Greening is the current Education Secretary of the country.

According from the news, the education department plans to establish at least 35 English hubs under the Centre of Excellence for Literacy Teaching. The intention of this teaching is to improve the standards of the involved schools and a program also in developing the language skills of the children at home, specifically those who are living in the northern part of England.

The country aims to unlock the skill and potential of many youngsters in UK.

“School standards are rising, with 1.9 million more children being taught in good or outstanding schools than in 2010,” Greening said as quoted by The Guardian.

“Our ambition is that no community will be left behind on education. Today’s literacy investment will help make sure that not just most but every child arrives at school with the vocabulary levels they need to learn. And our investment will mean that once they are at school every child will get the best literacy teaching,” she added.

However, author and former children’s laureate Michael Rosen believed that such program has an intention to conceal the plan of the government to reduce the funding for education. Same thing with the opinion of Alan Gibbons, he believed that the decision of the department has something to do with reduction of library funding nationwide.

Alan Gibbons is the author of The Children.

In respond to such criticisms, Angela Rayner who is the active shadow education secretary stated that these upcoming programs will be helpful in reversing the damage from various school institutions and so the government is making an effort to do everything for the benefit of the children.


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K-12 Law Raises Concerns in US, Department of Education Evaluates Issue

With the planned implementation of the K-12 law in the United States in the future, many states had drafted their educational plans for their valued students who will be part of this project.

However, it appears that the states are having trouble in committing to adhere to the imposed K-12 law and so the Department of Education is cautiously checking their issues or concerns, as detailed through usnews.com. According to the published information also, there are people who have doubts on the capability of the education department of the US in terms of imposing the new law and in assuring quality education in the country.

As stated on the reported news online, the states will have the opportunity to expand their accountability systems through the guidance of the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA). On the other hand, these systems need the approval of the Department of Education before they can impose them in the coming years and must assure that the students will benefit in the end.

The main issue now is about the capacity of Betsy DeVos in handing and reviewing each submitted plan because the procedure is a bit confusing.

In line with this, the Republicans seem to be unhappy with the feedback of the department because it aims to provide flexibility to the different states in devising the plans they create for education needs.

As for the Democrats, they also find the feedback somehow disappointing because it should not disregard the education regulations that former US President Obama had plan for the American students.

“Secretary DeVos and her department are blatantly violating the current K-12 law we updated two years ago – they won’t follow the very statutory language this committee settled on,” said Senator Patty Murray.

Murray is one of the top Democrats and part of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.


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Petitioners Asked SC to Oblige DepEd, DOH and DILG in Monitoring Vaccinated Children with Dengvaxia

Due to the latest concern about the vaccinated young students for the anti-dengue vaccine known as Dengvaxia, a Party List representative from the Philippines is asking the Supreme Court (SC) to give an obligation to the responsible government agencies in monitoring the involved students nationwide.

From the latest shared online report through news.mb.com.ph, Representative Emmi de Jesus alongside the Association for the Rights of Children in Southeast Asia (ARCSEA) filed a petition for continuing madamus to the Supreme Court (SC).

They wanted the SC to oblige the Department of Education (DepEd), Department of Health (DOH) and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to monitor nearly 800,000 young students within the Philippines whom they vaccinated with the anti-dengue medicine called Dengvaxia vaccine.

De Jesus is the current Gabriela Party-List Representative.

The petitioners believe that the SC must have a registry of those involved kids so that the country is prepared enough if they need urgent medicinal services without any delay.

Likewise, it is important for the government to provide free medical services to the students that include medical attention, consultations, checkups and blood testing.  It is necessary for the authorized government agencies to facilitate such needs to assure the wellness of the children.

“These free medical services shall continue until it would have been determined and declared by competent medical and/or scientific experts that the threat/s brought about by the Dengvaxia vaccine have been minimized or eliminated,” said the petitioners as quoted by the online news.

“There are reports that the DOH will provide monetary compensation to those who were inoculated with Dengvaxia. However, petitioners maintain their position that monetary rewards are not enough to compensate for the injury brought to them by this medical scandal,” added by the filed petition.

“What is important for them is that they be ensured immediate and free medical attention and services in their medical needs that are attributable to the Dengvaxia vaccine,” the petitioners added.

Due the Holiday breaks, the SC is not available to take action but will be back on January 8, 2018 for the continuing of their sessions. However, they may still provide their opinions or actions even if they are not in session.

The issue about this particular anti-dengue vaccine came out few weeks ago and triggered concern to many Filipinos.


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PRC Revealed Names of Applicants for PRB’s Chairperson/Member Appointment

From the latest shared news update through the official website of the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC), it already revealed the names of the listed applicants for the possible chairperson/member appointment of the Professional Regulatory Boards (PRB) in the Philippines.

The commission is urging anybody to coordinate with them if there is any derogatory information that can hinder the appointment of the listed names below:


For the possible appointment as Chairperson/Member of the Professional Regulatory Board of Mechanical Engineering:



For the possible appointment as Members of the Professional Regulatory Boards for Professional Teachers: 



Source of info: prc.gov.ph

PRC Launches New Offsite Delivery Center in Isabela Province

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in the Province of Isabela already revealed the newest Offsite Delivery Center in Santiago City at the Robinsons Place. The commission launched the new officer last December 12, 2017 as part of the PRC RO2.

According to the published details through the official website of the PRC, the launching of the newest office is helpful in allowing the nearby places to reach the available service of the commission and not just focusing in Isabela. The new Offsite Delivery Center will likewise serve the people from Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya, Mt. Province, Ifugao and Aurora (sub-province).

During the launching, Rodrigo F. Balaqui Jr. led the ceremony of the new established office. The main intention is to cater the needs of the increasing numbers of Professionals in the Philippines and in speeding up the process of the transactions in the aforementioned places.

Balaqui Jr. is the Regional Director of the PRC RO2.

In line with the celebration, Ms. Jane R. Seveses revealed the message of PRC Commission Chair Teofilo S. Pilando Jr. stating that, “…we embrace the shared vision of providing quality services to our clients. It is in this regard that I express my hope that this Service Center opens up a new space for commitment and dedication to meet the increasing demands and expectations of our most valued client – the Filipino people.”

Ms. Seveses is PRC’s Director for Planning, Management and Finance Services.

According to the Pilando Jr. also, the commission will be launching other delivery offices in areas like Palawan, Laguna and in Cavite.


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Department of Education in UK to Educate Children about Issues of Transgender

From the latest shared news information online, the Department of Education in United Kingdom is planning to teach the children about the issues of transgender.

The education agency confirmed the plan as part of the sex and relationship education lessons, which they implement compulsory in the country.

According from the reported news through telegraph.co.uk, the Department of Education in UK already revealed its plan to include the issues about transgender when teaching the young students. They will include the lesson to the mandatory classes they teach through sex and relationship education.

Based on the gathered information by The Daily Telegraph, the implementation of the plan will be on September 2019 and involve both the primary and secondary school institutions. The lesson focuses on educating the young students about their sexuality or identity as they grow up.

In line with this, Peter Tatchell already sent a letter early this 2017 to Education Secretary Justine Greening and asking about the kinds of lessons they will educate the young students.

Tatchell is a veteran campaign personality for gay right.

In respond to his letter, the officials from the department made a respond saying that. “With regards to your concerns about RSE [relationship and sex education] not including LGBT issues, I can assure you that the department expect all schools to ensure that young people, whatever their developing sexuality or identity, feel that RSE is relevant to them and sensitive to their needs.”

The British government likewise made it clear that it is asking the parents, the educators and the children about their opinions and views. They believe this is important before implementing the upcoming class.

The veteran gay right activist acknowledges the letter of the officials.


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Young Ateneo Student who Died by Hit and Run, Finally Achieved Justice

The Quezon City Regional Trial Court already handed its verdict to a woman who hit and run a student from the Ateneo de Manila University almost 8 years ago.

The Alcantara family now achieved justice for the death of their beloved son.

According from the latest shared news through Philippines Daily Inquirer, the death of Ateneo de Manila student Julian Carlo Miguel “Amiel” Alcantara achieved justice after waiting for almost 8 years now. The decision of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court had convicted Ma. Theresa Torres and sentenced her to imprisonment (2-6 years) after reading the 23 pages decision of Judge Cecilyn Villavert.

Aside from imprisonment, Torres will also need to pay the family of the Alcantara a total of P4.4 million for civil as well as criminal damages.

The fatal incident happened in the parking area of the school back in February 24, 2009 in the afternoon. Based on the published information that time, Torres is inside a Toyota Hi-Ace van that she borrowed only and accompanied by her daughter.

Torres drove the van because her driver is not around that time.

Because of the honking cars, she made a decision to move the van by shifting to the driver’s seat to maneuver. Unfortunately, Amiel that time is crossing the street heading to their car with his Nanny and youngster sister (Jana) when the deadly road range occurred at the parking area in Ateneo de Manila.

The convicted woman hit the victim with an estimated speed of 40-60 kph and then colliding to at least 2 vehicles before she managed to stop the van fully.

The filed case is Reckless Imprudence Resulting in Homicide and Physical Injuries in Quezon City by the family of the late young student. According to the reported news, the convicted Torres admitted that she saw Amiel and his companion who are crossing the street even before she moved the van.

The court stated that she still has the chance to avoid the hit and run that time.

“It is therefore clear from the foregoing that accused had that last chance to avoid hitting the victims,” stated by the court.

“The totality of the evidence presented shows that the proximate cause of death of Amiel was the reckless driving of the accused,” the statement continued.

The young victim died caused by reckless driving.


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Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III Wants Elementary Students to Learn Computer Programming

Philippine Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III has a better idea for the elementary pupils as part of the growing advancement of the Internet today.

The Senate President is urging the Department of Education in the country to include computer programming to these young students at their early age.

According to the reported news through inquirer.net, the leader of the Senate in the Philippines is seeing the popularity of computers these days and so is now urging the Department of Education to consider including computer programming even for students in the elementary level.

“Coding is now an essential skill due to the prevalence of computers in our daily lives. It should be treated like reading, writing, and arithmetic, not just as a career option,” said Pimentel III in his statement on Wednesday as quoted by the news.

“By teaching code, we can take advantage of children’s fascination with technology to help them learn mathematical concepts in a manner they find entertaining,” added by the Senate President.

“Coding also teaches perseverance and problem-solving. In writing a computer program, you have to be adept at breaking down tasks into simple problems the computer could understand. You also need to be patient to identify and correct bugs in the code. These are life skills that would benefit anyone in any field,” his statement continued.

The head of the Senate is actually a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics graduate.

At present, the country is offering such program to senior high school students who are taking up Information and Communications Technology, which is part of the available vocational courses.

Pimentel likewise pointed out that a chance for elementary pupils to learn about coding can help in boosting the performance in technology, science, mathematics and engineering programs of the involved school institutions.

Because majority of the Filipinos have smart phone devices, it is very important that the country is becoming aware of the advancing technology.