Bill Gates Reveals Global Teacher Prize Awardees, Includes Andria Zafirakou of UK

From the latest announcement made by Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates, he revealed that one of the recipients of the global teaching award is from the United Kingdom, named Andria Zafirakou.

Andria is one of the final 10 awardees who hail from northern London.

From the shared news information online through, it revealed that tech tycoon Bill Gates announced that one of the lucky recipients for the global teaching award is Andria Zafirakou of United Kingdom (UK).

According to Gates, education serves as the “master of switch” to the lives of many people and improvement of the society.

Based on the information, all the 10 chosen teachers who are part of the Global Teacher Prize will be receiving an amount of $1 million. This kind of recognition is under the project of Varkey Foundation and they are very strict when it comes to choosing the winners.

Andria is a teacher for art and textile at the Alperton Community School in North London and teaching those underprivileged young students, which made her a strong candidate for the nomination of Global Teacher Prize.

“By getting pupils to open up about their home lives, I discovered that many of my students come from crowded homes where multiple families share a single property,” Mrs. Zafirakou said as quoted by the news online.

“Others could not participate in extra-curricular activities after school because they had to take on parental responsibilities like collecting their brothers and sisters from other schools,” she added in her explanation.

The nominations for this courageous teacher from UK truly proved her worth and dedication because they consider her as a phenomenal leader as well as a teacher.

According from the reported online news information also, over 30,000 teachers are part of the nominations and coming from almost 173 nations worldwide. The 10 lucky awardees came from UK, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and Colombia, among others.


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PRC Is Warning about CPD Law Fake News, Reminding Professionals to be Vigilant

From the latest shared news report through the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), it is now warning the public about the spreading fake or bogus news. The commission stated that it is important for the people to become aware about the spreading news online through checking them properly and avoid being victims.

The latest issue that is circulating over the Internet is about the incorrect and confusing information about Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and many social media users are reading about them lately.

According to the PRC, the most complicated fake news online includes the planned abolishment of the new CPD Law (Republic Act 10912).

This new law came into existence after the proposal of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and he clearly stated that such issue to abolish his passed law is not true. He even said that both the PRC as well as CPD Councils had discussed to him about the continuation of the consultations with various stakeholders and public hearings in improving the process of implementation, as detailed by the PRC.

Back in 2017, different groups already showed their disappointment about the implementation of the CPD law and that includes the Filipino Nurses United (FNU). According to the group, this is an added burden for many professional nurses in the Philippines, especially hitting those who are not working or serving people from isolated places.

In an effort to help many professionals understand the new rule, the PRC is reminding these people to visit their official website online for further details.

Students in Myanmar Expelled after Protesting for Added Education Fund

In Myanmar, a university here made a decision to expel at least 14 students following the issue about protesting against the school because of not funding the education properly.

The protest somehow triggered concern about eroding freedom in democracy.

From the latest shared news information online through AFP, the Yadanabon University in Mandalay needed to break the protest of nearly 100 students here with the help of the police authorities last Thursday. It took the students 4 days to protest against the campus.

According to an activist, the rally of the students is about the issue of the university in failing to provide added fund for the education purpose and this caused the decision of the school to expel at least 14 students.

Since Aung San Suu Kyi took over the administration in 2016, this is the first ever protest of the student in Yadanabon University.

The students in Myanmar are among the primary drivers of activism against the politics here and were able to break the former military regime in the country. The people here believed that the administration of Suu Kyi will give them the right direction to a better freedom, but they expectation did not manifest.

As detailed on the news, his administration triggered arrest of media personnel and onset of deformation cases. Furthermore, the administration became strict in terms of providing censorship in arts and now the people are beginning to think about the vanishing freedom, after the police arrested the 14 students who took part of the protest.

The arrested students joined the rally to for more funds in education.

“We… were given a letter saying that we were expelled for breaking regulations,” said the 22-year-old Kyaw Thiha Ye Kyaw, who is a law student at the Yadanabon University when interviewed by the AFP.

“Our demands are not for us… but for all students and all educational staff around Myanmar,” added by the student.

In line with this, Zaw Myint Maung did not comment about the arrest and said that they are just following the imposed law. Same thing with the other officials, no one is available to give a statement or comment about the case.

Maung is the current chief minister of Mandalay in Myanmar.


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PUP President Clarified Issues about “Student Repression” in 2017

After the issue about “student repression” involving the some organizations and activist students in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), the president of the campus strongly denied the allegations revealed by the students in 2017.

From the recent shared news information online through, Emmanuel de Guzman strongly denied the issues about the allegations of some organizations and activist students following the issue about “student repression” and gave his own explanation for clarification.

De Guzman is the current president of PUP, which is a state-run university.

As detailed by the news, the rising issues include the following:

  1. Closure of the student tambayans and offices ordered by the admin
  2. Taking over of the publications in the school
  3. Removal of student regent and replaced by representative appointed by the admin
  4. “No overnight policy” implementation to the students
  5. Senior High School Students mandatory ROTC, mandatory drug test
  6. New school fees, mandatory implementation of uniform
  7. Suspension of student council elections
  8. Deployed police forces inside the school

After learning about the allegations, he immediately released his own explanation about the exact purpose of the university.

“It is not in the authority of the school to remove the student regent. It is determined by the process election by the federation of student council sa PUP,” said De Guzman in a phone patch interview with the ANC regarding the student regent removal as quoted by the news.

About the takeover of the publication in the school, he clarified that he has no intention to do such thing. “I am not taking over anything,” De Guzman revealed.

“In fact, ‘The Catalyst,’ the official publication of the university, is still there. They have been holding office,” he said, adding that if the publication wants to release issues “they can do so,” he added.

Regarding the issue of the visibility of the police forces in PUP, the current president said that such allegation is not true because even a single police officer is inside the school.

As for the allegation involving the “no overnight policy,” he explained that this is not legitimate because the prohibition of the students is about the unlawful stay of those students who had been in a building for almost half a year.

“I ordered eviction but they refused,” he explained and added that there are parents who complained about their students who do not go home because they choose to stay inside the campus even if it is illegal.






BOA Latest Update for Accreditation and Other Compliance Deadlines as well as Charges

From the latest news update published through the official website of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), it already revealed the accreditation as well as other compliances deadlines and charges for the Board of Accountancy (BOA).

The PRC had provided the necessary information online concerning the accreditation deadlines and other important documents to submit. Check out the list below to determine the exact procedures and the amount of service fees, which the applicants need to pay:

  • For filing of initial application of accreditation of CPAs in Commerce and Industry (pursuant to Resolution 03-2016 as amended by 115-2016). Deadline is December 31, 2016 (HOWEVER, LATE FILING IS ACCEPTED AFTER SECURING APPROVAL BY EMAILING
  • For filling of application of accreditation of CPAs in Commerce and Industry who are newly hired (pursuant to Resolution 68-2016). Deadline is one month from the date of hiring.
  • For filling of application of accreditation of CPAs in Commerce and Industry whose organization becomes covered by the requirements of Resolution 03-2016. Deadline is one month from the date of the company/organization.
  • For filing of application of accreditation of Partners of Accounting Firm/Partnership (pursuant to Resolution 295-2015 as affirmed by RTC Court Decisions in Case 16-432 dated July 24, 2017 and November 2017), ongoing.
  • For filing of application of accreditation of CPA Professional Staff of Accounting Firm/Partnership (pursuant to Resolution 295-2015 as affirmed by RTC Court Decisions in Case 16-432 dated July 24,2017), ongoing.
  • For filing of application of accounting teachers who are newly hired by Accounting schools. Deadline is one month from date of hiring (pursuant to a forthcoming resolution and BoA Resolution No. 88-2008).
  • For filing of application of Partners who are newly accepted and/or CPA Professionals staff who are newly hired by Accounting Firm/Partnership. Deadline is one month from date of acceptance or hiring.
  • For filing of application of Partners and CPA Professional staff of newly formed Accounting Firm/Partnership. Deadline is one month from date of formation for Partners and same deadline for CPA Professional Staff.
  • For completing CPD requirements covered by an Affidavit of Undertaking by CPAs in Commerce and Industry and CPA Professional Staff. Deadline is December 31, 2016 (extended deadline to be prescribed in forthcoming resolution).
  • For submission of FS to external auditors for the conduct of their audit of said FS. Deadline shall be two (2) months after the close of the accounting period/year.
  • For attachment of Certificate of Compilation Services to the audited FS by accredited CPA compiler — at time of acceptance of management of enterprise/company of the audit opinion.
  • Submission of list of clients who did not comply with the provisions of Resolution 03-2016 — to be announced in a resolution that will be issued.


Accreditation fee for CPAs (for three year period), as prescribed in Resolution 92-2016:

For sole practitioner – P1, 500.00
For partnership and accounting firm – P2, 000.00
For each Partner of a Professional Partnership/Firm – P1, 500.00
For each CPA Professional Staff – P300.00
For accounting teacher – P1, 500. 00
For CPA in commerce and industry – P1, 500.00


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Student Council in UST, Condemns UST-AAI Recognition to “Mocha” Uson

Following the recognition of the UST Alumni Association Inc. (UST-AAI) to Margaux “Mocha” Uson as the recipient of for Thomasian Alumni Award for Government Service, a group of student in UST revealed their disappointment and condemning the decision.

Uson is the current Communications Assistant Secretary as appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte.

From the latest shared news information online, the recognition given by the UST-AAI to Communications Assistant Secretary “Mocha” Uson drew some criticism from a group of student in the University of Santo Tomas (UST). According to the group, she does not deserve the Thomasian Alumni Award for Government Service because of spreading “fake” news online.

They are urging the giving body to revoke the award they gave Uson.

“We, the Artlets Student Council, urge the UST-AAI to revoke the award given to Uson,” said the student council of the Faculty of Arts and Letters (ABSC) in a released statement on their official Facebook page on Sunday night as quoted by

“We condemn any form of false information given by individuals such as herself,” the group added.

“The ABSC still highly believe that she does not deserve to receive any form of award, which entails a reward for her merits; let alone be recognized by the University as a notable alumni,” the statement ended.

The group of student believed that the Communications Assistant Secretary is giving false information to the public through her blog due to providing “fake” news online.

In line with this issue, the UST-AAI however gave their explanation on why they recognized “Mocha” for such award. As detailed on the news, she is eligible for the award because the main criteria qualify her as a graduate student of the university and an active government employee.

The UST Central Student Council (CSC) likewise condemned the decision of the UST-AAI as soon as they learned about the recognition.


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Kahoot’s Educational Quiz App Continues to Attract K-12 Students in the US

The advent of the Internet truly improved the way people are accessing online and that include the many students worldwide, particularly in the United States. When talking about the most interesting and useful applications online, these include those intended for educational purposes.

From the latest shared technology news online through, one of the popular apps today is Kahoot and this Norway-based application is capable of education students by giving them the best information about different subject matters through online quizzes.

This particular app is now invading the United States because according to the recorded data, nearly 50% of the K-12- students in America uses the available app for educational quiz. In all, there are about 70 million active users in the US alone each month.

Likewise, Kahoot is beneficial for teachers and students who need to learn about traditional education such as those who are engaging to business world.

As detailed online, the 70 million users doubled the number of users in 2017 and the figure revealed that 30 millions are from the kindergarten to grade 12, while the remaining users divided for the teachers, regular workers and other citizens of America.

The idea of this kind of app came out through the effort of Alf Inge Wang who is a Norwegian Computer Science and Game Technology professor at Norwegian University of Technology and Science located in Trondheim, Norway.

The reported news likewise revealed that Kahoot increased its growth to almost $26.5 million this year as opposed to the recent $20 million in 2017 for the Series A. Some of the popular companies that invested for it include Microsoft, Disney, Creandum and Northzone.

In line with this, Erik Harrell stated that the company is now having talks with Disney about their plans to include some of its popular brands into new online quizzes. As expected, these new plans will definitely benefit many young students because the quizzes are enthusiastic and fun.

Harrell is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kahoot.

The company has different ideas to implement in the coming years to continuously attracting more students in the US and across the globe. This is actually one of the benefits of using the Internet now because many businesses and companies are improving greatly.



Microbiologists to Pass Board Exam, New Senate Bill Authored by Senator Miguel Zubiri

In another interesting decision from the Senate of the Philippines, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri filed a new bill that required the microbiologists in the country.

The bill is going to require all microbiologists to pass the board examination before they can work in their field of profession, just like the other professionals.

According to the shared news report online through Philippine Daily Inquirer, Senator Juan Miguel Zuburi had passed a new bill and it is interesting to learn that if the Senate finalizes it, this means all aspiring microbiologists would need to take the board examination before working as professionals.

As stated by the Senator who authored the new bill, the field of microbiology needs to undergo important practice and all applicants need to have special skills if they want to prove themselves eligible for this kind of occupation.

Based on the information included on the filled bill (Senate Bill No. 163), microorganisms play important factor in the modern day biotechnology foundation. This means that it is important for the microbiologists to learn about the potential relation of the microorganisms in terms of issues like food poisoning and spoilage, typhoid fever, HIV and cholera, among others.

The Senator believe that although microbiology practice in the country has been in existence for over five decades now, the kind of teaching about it is somehow different. This is the reason why it is necessary for microbiologists to learn about the various facilities, training, resources and curriculums they use these days.

If the bill gets the approval of the final reading from the Senate Committees on Civil Service, Science and Technology and finance, it will mean creating a new Board of Microbiology under the PRC in administering the board exam.

On the other hand, the new bill is giving an exemption to professionals like medical technologists, medicine doctors and veterinarians.


PRC Reveals Schedule and Venue for Initial Registration of New Passers

From the latest shared news information online, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) recently announced that the Initial Registration processing of all the successful board exam passers would be using the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) in Pasay City as the authorized venue.

The beginning of the registration is on January 15, 2018 and it is important for the passers to visit the official website of the commission for their appointment online. They need to secure an appointment first before going to the PICC on the scheduled dates.

As detailed by the PRC, the requirements are as follow:

  1. Duly accomplished – Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal
  2. 2 pieces passport-sized photos (white background with name tag)
  3. Notice of admission (only for identification purpose)
  4. 2 sets of documentary stamps
  5. 1 short envelop (brown)

The commission said that the successful passers or examiners must register and sign up in person for the Roster of Registered Professionals as part of the initial procedure. For those who fail to get an online appointment before January 15 at the Central Office (PRC Main), they will not be part of the Initial Registration.

As for those passers who already obtained their appointment before, they need to be ready on the exact date and visit the venue on time.


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UK Department of Education Reveals New Programs, Include Child Literacy Improvement

In an effort to improve the education of the children in England, the Department of Education in the country revealed their latest programs known as the English hubs and Phonics road shows.

These are the newest plans of the education agency in improving child literacy.

From the latest news report through The Guardian, Justine Greening revealed the upcoming programs of the Department of Education in UK to improve the literacy of the young students here by offering them the newest English hubs and Phonics road shows.

As stated by Greening, the new programs assure every child the best teaching in literacy. The education agency revealed that the government possible allocation of an amount of £7.7 million for the development of resources for high quality teaching, while another £5.7 million in boosting the literacy as well as numeric skills of students from almost 469 school institutions across the United Kingdom.

Justine Greening is the current Education Secretary of the country.

According from the news, the education department plans to establish at least 35 English hubs under the Centre of Excellence for Literacy Teaching. The intention of this teaching is to improve the standards of the involved schools and a program also in developing the language skills of the children at home, specifically those who are living in the northern part of England.

The country aims to unlock the skill and potential of many youngsters in UK.

“School standards are rising, with 1.9 million more children being taught in good or outstanding schools than in 2010,” Greening said as quoted by The Guardian.

“Our ambition is that no community will be left behind on education. Today’s literacy investment will help make sure that not just most but every child arrives at school with the vocabulary levels they need to learn. And our investment will mean that once they are at school every child will get the best literacy teaching,” she added.

However, author and former children’s laureate Michael Rosen believed that such program has an intention to conceal the plan of the government to reduce the funding for education. Same thing with the opinion of Alan Gibbons, he believed that the decision of the department has something to do with reduction of library funding nationwide.

Alan Gibbons is the author of The Children.

In respond to such criticisms, Angela Rayner who is the active shadow education secretary stated that these upcoming programs will be helpful in reversing the damage from various school institutions and so the government is making an effort to do everything for the benefit of the children.


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