67-Year-Old Grandmother Finished High School in the Philippines

A grandmother in the Philippines named Rosita Majait recently graduated in high school, despite her age and took home her precious diploma last Tuesday.

She graduated at the age of 67 after waiting almost five decades.

From the shared news information online through gulfnews.com, a 67-year-old grandmother named Rosita Majait happily graduated from high school last Tuesday after she waited for more than five decades already.

This old Filipina proved that age does not really matter if a person aims to achieve his or her dream to graduate.

Majait is among the graduates at the Negros Occidental High School and she is likewise a recipient of medals for academics and good morals excellent.

One of the main reasons why she failed to study in high school after graduating in elementary is that she married at a young age. Since her marriage, she needed to take care of her 4 children and the most painful experience in her life is the death of her husband when she is 32 years old.

This is the reason why she forced herself to work in abroad as a domestic helper.

According to the reported news also, he worked as a domestic helper in overseas for over a decade because she wants her children to continue studying and provide them with their financial needs.

As expected, her children did not failed her because two of them are now nurses, one is a Computer Science degree holder and the other one is a Computer Technician, as detailed online.

During a TV interview in an early show on ABS CBN, Rosita said she is not ashamed of going back to school and so she made an effort to enroll if they will accept her to study high school.

She added that her intention is to enjoy her life and she did succeed.


Credit image: ABS CBN News

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