Apple to Release Inexpensive iPad Unit, To Market Teachers and Students

To gain the trust and interest of teachers and students who use Microsoft and Google, Apple Inc. will be producing inexpensive iPads and educational software.

The giant tech company sets this latest plan next week.

From the latest reported news information through Bloomberg, giant technology company Apple Inc. already plan to release low-cost or inexpensive iPad gadgets and education software for the benefit of many teachers and students out there.

It targets particularly those who are using Microsoft and Google.

This is actually the first move of the company this 2018 and revealed its latest plan in an important event held at the Lane Technical College Prep High School in Chicago last Tuesday.

The decision of Apple is to duplicate its previous successful plan few years ago when it launched the iPad with designing e-books feature.

The company is also happy to announce that the latest event in Chicago is a rare occurrence because it usually launched its product in California (home state of Apple).  The latest introduced item is a newer but less expensive version of the iPad.

It likewise offers the newest education software, yet remains unidentified.

From the published news information also, it revealed that the late Apple founder Steve Jobs has an intention to give priority to many schools when they establish the company. On the other hand, the advancing technology worldwide somehow shifted the idea of the company and now focusing on meeting the requirements of millions of internet users.

According to the published 3rd quarter data of the giant-tech firm, it owned nearly 17% mobile computing shipments in many students of America (from kindergarten to high school).

However, nearly 60% percent of the markets are using Androids and Chromebooks, 22% are using Windows, while approximately 20% or less uses Apple units.

This is probably one reason why the company is now aiming to provide inexpensive gadgets for many teachers and students to improve their sales in the coming years.

Based on the estimated figure, the latest low-cost MacBook laptop is below $1000 if it becomes available on the market.


Credit image: Reuters 


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