Lawrence S. Bacow to Become New President of Harvard University

After almost 11 years of having Catharine Drew Gilpin Faust as its university president, Harvard recently announced its successor last week who is set to serve the campus truthfully.

They appointed Lawrence S. Bacow as the new president of Harvard.

From the latest reported news online through, Harvard University announced its new president who is the successor of Catharine Drew Gilpin Faust and he is the 66-year-old Lawrence S. Bacow. As detailed online, Faust has served the university for almost 11 years and he is now stepping down to give way to the newly appointed president.

Bacow will be the 29th president of Harvard and he is Tufts University’s former president.

According to William F. Lee as quoted by the news, the changing of the president is a vital moment for higher education and said that, “a time when the singular value of higher education and university research has too often been challenged and called into doubt.”

Lee is the current chairperson of presidential search committee and a senior fellow of Harvard Corp. who added that the new head of the school begins his work on this coming July 1, 2018.

Based on record, they founded Harvard University back in 1636 and the oldest institution for higher education in the United States.

According to the revealed information through the Chronicle of Higher Education, the 70-year-old Faust who took her post of the president of Harvard back in July 1, 2007 became the 21st highest paid college president in history. She is the 28th president of this prestigious US-based school and not many knew that she is also a popular American historian.

The incoming president is likewise a respected person because of this remarkable achievement for the past years. Aside from being the former president of Tufts University, he also served as a chairperson of faculty, a chancellor as well as a professor of environmental studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for more than two decades.


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