PRC Is Warning about CPD Law Fake News, Reminding Professionals to be Vigilant

From the latest shared news report through the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), it is now warning the public about the spreading fake or bogus news. The commission stated that it is important for the people to become aware about the spreading news online through checking them properly and avoid being victims.

The latest issue that is circulating over the Internet is about the incorrect and confusing information about Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and many social media users are reading about them lately.

According to the PRC, the most complicated fake news online includes the planned abolishment of the new CPD Law (Republic Act 10912).

This new law came into existence after the proposal of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and he clearly stated that such issue to abolish his passed law is not true. He even said that both the PRC as well as CPD Councils had discussed to him about the continuation of the consultations with various stakeholders and public hearings in improving the process of implementation, as detailed by the PRC.

Back in 2017, different groups already showed their disappointment about the implementation of the CPD law and that includes the Filipino Nurses United (FNU). According to the group, this is an added burden for many professional nurses in the Philippines, especially hitting those who are not working or serving people from isolated places.

In an effort to help many professionals understand the new rule, the PRC is reminding these people to visit their official website online for further details.

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