PUP President Clarified Issues about “Student Repression” in 2017

After the issue about “student repression” involving the some organizations and activist students in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), the president of the campus strongly denied the allegations revealed by the students in 2017.

From the recent shared news information online through philstar.com, Emmanuel de Guzman strongly denied the issues about the allegations of some organizations and activist students following the issue about “student repression” and gave his own explanation for clarification.

De Guzman is the current president of PUP, which is a state-run university.

As detailed by the news, the rising issues include the following:

  1. Closure of the student tambayans and offices ordered by the admin
  2. Taking over of the publications in the school
  3. Removal of student regent and replaced by representative appointed by the admin
  4. “No overnight policy” implementation to the students
  5. Senior High School Students mandatory ROTC, mandatory drug test
  6. New school fees, mandatory implementation of uniform
  7. Suspension of student council elections
  8. Deployed police forces inside the school

After learning about the allegations, he immediately released his own explanation about the exact purpose of the university.

“It is not in the authority of the school to remove the student regent. It is determined by the process election by the federation of student council sa PUP,” said De Guzman in a phone patch interview with the ANC regarding the student regent removal as quoted by the news.

About the takeover of the publication in the school, he clarified that he has no intention to do such thing. “I am not taking over anything,” De Guzman revealed.

“In fact, ‘The Catalyst,’ the official publication of the university, is still there. They have been holding office,” he said, adding that if the publication wants to release issues “they can do so,” he added.

Regarding the issue of the visibility of the police forces in PUP, the current president said that such allegation is not true because even a single police officer is inside the school.

As for the allegation involving the “no overnight policy,” he explained that this is not legitimate because the prohibition of the students is about the unlawful stay of those students who had been in a building for almost half a year.

“I ordered eviction but they refused,” he explained and added that there are parents who complained about their students who do not go home because they choose to stay inside the campus even if it is illegal.






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