Kahoot’s Educational Quiz App Continues to Attract K-12 Students in the US

The advent of the Internet truly improved the way people are accessing online and that include the many students worldwide, particularly in the United States. When talking about the most interesting and useful applications online, these include those intended for educational purposes.

From the latest shared technology news online through techcrunch.com, one of the popular apps today is Kahoot and this Norway-based application is capable of education students by giving them the best information about different subject matters through online quizzes.

This particular app is now invading the United States because according to the recorded data, nearly 50% of the K-12- students in America uses the available app for educational quiz. In all, there are about 70 million active users in the US alone each month.

Likewise, Kahoot is beneficial for teachers and students who need to learn about traditional education such as those who are engaging to business world.

As detailed online, the 70 million users doubled the number of users in 2017 and the figure revealed that 30 millions are from the kindergarten to grade 12, while the remaining users divided for the teachers, regular workers and other citizens of America.

The idea of this kind of app came out through the effort of Alf Inge Wang who is a Norwegian Computer Science and Game Technology professor at Norwegian University of Technology and Science located in Trondheim, Norway.

The reported news likewise revealed that Kahoot increased its growth to almost $26.5 million this year as opposed to the recent $20 million in 2017 for the Series A. Some of the popular companies that invested for it include Microsoft, Disney, Creandum and Northzone.

In line with this, Erik Harrell stated that the company is now having talks with Disney about their plans to include some of its popular brands into new online quizzes. As expected, these new plans will definitely benefit many young students because the quizzes are enthusiastic and fun.

Harrell is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kahoot.

The company has different ideas to implement in the coming years to continuously attracting more students in the US and across the globe. This is actually one of the benefits of using the Internet now because many businesses and companies are improving greatly.



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