Microbiologists to Pass Board Exam, New Senate Bill Authored by Senator Miguel Zubiri

In another interesting decision from the Senate of the Philippines, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri filed a new bill that required the microbiologists in the country.

The bill is going to require all microbiologists to pass the board examination before they can work in their field of profession, just like the other professionals.

According to the shared news report online through Philippine Daily Inquirer, Senator Juan Miguel Zuburi had passed a new bill and it is interesting to learn that if the Senate finalizes it, this means all aspiring microbiologists would need to take the board examination before working as professionals.

As stated by the Senator who authored the new bill, the field of microbiology needs to undergo important practice and all applicants need to have special skills if they want to prove themselves eligible for this kind of occupation.

Based on the information included on the filled bill (Senate Bill No. 163), microorganisms play important factor in the modern day biotechnology foundation. This means that it is important for the microbiologists to learn about the potential relation of the microorganisms in terms of issues like food poisoning and spoilage, typhoid fever, HIV and cholera, among others.

The Senator believe that although microbiology practice in the country has been in existence for over five decades now, the kind of teaching about it is somehow different. This is the reason why it is necessary for microbiologists to learn about the various facilities, training, resources and curriculums they use these days.

If the bill gets the approval of the final reading from the Senate Committees on Civil Service, Science and Technology and finance, it will mean creating a new Board of Microbiology under the PRC in administering the board exam.

On the other hand, the new bill is giving an exemption to professionals like medical technologists, medicine doctors and veterinarians.


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