Department of Education in UK to Educate Children about Issues of Transgender

From the latest shared news information online, the Department of Education in United Kingdom is planning to teach the children about the issues of transgender.

The education agency confirmed the plan as part of the sex and relationship education lessons, which they implement compulsory in the country.

According from the reported news through, the Department of Education in UK already revealed its plan to include the issues about transgender when teaching the young students. They will include the lesson to the mandatory classes they teach through sex and relationship education.

Based on the gathered information by The Daily Telegraph, the implementation of the plan will be on September 2019 and involve both the primary and secondary school institutions. The lesson focuses on educating the young students about their sexuality or identity as they grow up.

In line with this, Peter Tatchell already sent a letter early this 2017 to Education Secretary Justine Greening and asking about the kinds of lessons they will educate the young students.

Tatchell is a veteran campaign personality for gay right.

In respond to his letter, the officials from the department made a respond saying that. “With regards to your concerns about RSE [relationship and sex education] not including LGBT issues, I can assure you that the department expect all schools to ensure that young people, whatever their developing sexuality or identity, feel that RSE is relevant to them and sensitive to their needs.”

The British government likewise made it clear that it is asking the parents, the educators and the children about their opinions and views. They believe this is important before implementing the upcoming class.

The veteran gay right activist acknowledges the letter of the officials.


Credit image: Daily Express

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