Young Ateneo Student who Died by Hit and Run, Finally Achieved Justice

The Quezon City Regional Trial Court already handed its verdict to a woman who hit and run a student from the Ateneo de Manila University almost 8 years ago.

The Alcantara family now achieved justice for the death of their beloved son.

According from the latest shared news through Philippines Daily Inquirer, the death of Ateneo de Manila student Julian Carlo Miguel “Amiel” Alcantara achieved justice after waiting for almost 8 years now. The decision of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court had convicted Ma. Theresa Torres and sentenced her to imprisonment (2-6 years) after reading the 23 pages decision of Judge Cecilyn Villavert.

Aside from imprisonment, Torres will also need to pay the family of the Alcantara a total of P4.4 million for civil as well as criminal damages.

The fatal incident happened in the parking area of the school back in February 24, 2009 in the afternoon. Based on the published information that time, Torres is inside a Toyota Hi-Ace van that she borrowed only and accompanied by her daughter.

Torres drove the van because her driver is not around that time.

Because of the honking cars, she made a decision to move the van by shifting to the driver’s seat to maneuver. Unfortunately, Amiel that time is crossing the street heading to their car with his Nanny and youngster sister (Jana) when the deadly road range occurred at the parking area in Ateneo de Manila.

The convicted woman hit the victim with an estimated speed of 40-60 kph and then colliding to at least 2 vehicles before she managed to stop the van fully.

The filed case is Reckless Imprudence Resulting in Homicide and Physical Injuries in Quezon City by the family of the late young student. According to the reported news, the convicted Torres admitted that she saw Amiel and his companion who are crossing the street even before she moved the van.

The court stated that she still has the chance to avoid the hit and run that time.

“It is therefore clear from the foregoing that accused had that last chance to avoid hitting the victims,” stated by the court.

“The totality of the evidence presented shows that the proximate cause of death of Amiel was the reckless driving of the accused,” the statement continued.

The young victim died caused by reckless driving.


Credit image: Find A Grave

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