Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III Wants Elementary Students to Learn Computer Programming

Philippine Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III has a better idea for the elementary pupils as part of the growing advancement of the Internet today.

The Senate President is urging the Department of Education in the country to include computer programming to these young students at their early age.

According to the reported news through, the leader of the Senate in the Philippines is seeing the popularity of computers these days and so is now urging the Department of Education to consider including computer programming even for students in the elementary level.

“Coding is now an essential skill due to the prevalence of computers in our daily lives. It should be treated like reading, writing, and arithmetic, not just as a career option,” said Pimentel III in his statement on Wednesday as quoted by the news.

“By teaching code, we can take advantage of children’s fascination with technology to help them learn mathematical concepts in a manner they find entertaining,” added by the Senate President.

“Coding also teaches perseverance and problem-solving. In writing a computer program, you have to be adept at breaking down tasks into simple problems the computer could understand. You also need to be patient to identify and correct bugs in the code. These are life skills that would benefit anyone in any field,” his statement continued.

The head of the Senate is actually a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics graduate.

At present, the country is offering such program to senior high school students who are taking up Information and Communications Technology, which is part of the available vocational courses.

Pimentel likewise pointed out that a chance for elementary pupils to learn about coding can help in boosting the performance in technology, science, mathematics and engineering programs of the involved school institutions.

Because majority of the Filipinos have smart phone devices, it is very important that the country is becoming aware of the advancing technology.


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